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Clare and Gladwin Counties offer a fantastic recreational opportunity for full and part time residents, as will as visitors to
the area. With well over 40 lakes in the two county area and thousands of acres of state land, recreational enjoyment is
nearly endless. Whether you are looking to play on a jet ski, go for a ride on your speed boat or got for a quiet fishing
experience, you will find it here, in Northern Mid Michigan.

Both Clare and Gladwin Counties host the beginnings of the snowmobile trail heads. In Clare County, the trail head starts
around the Leota area and also north of the City of Harrison, while in Gladwin County, the trail starts in the Meredith area.
Both trails had north towards the Houghton Lake area and beyond.
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For ORV trails, Clare Counties trails start at the far north end of Clare County (west of US27) and go north into Missaukee
and Roscommon Counties. For Gladwin County, the ORV trails are located in Grim Twp off of Center Fire Lane and are well
known by ATV and ORV enthusiasts!
(Maps are located at

Clare County is know to be called “The Gateway to the North”. Clare was founded with the coming of the Pere Marquette
railroad in 1870. It was incorporated as a village in 1871 and as a city in 1891. Clare is known for it’s annual Irish Festival,
while Harrison is host to the Clare County Fairgrounds and Wilson State Park.

Gladwin County was first settled by Marvel Secord, took up residence along the Tittabawassee River in what is now Secord
Township. He was a trapper and trader who provided supplies to lumbering camps in the area. The Secord family name is
still part of the Gladwin area to this day! The Tittabawassee River used to be a favorite place for the Native American’s to
visit for good fishing and hunting.

Clare and Gladwin Counties are also know for their great hunting opportunities. Sportsman enjoy the bountiful deer and
turkey throughout the area. There are also plenty of other typw wild game for the hunt. The area features thousands of
acres of beautiful private and public woodlands. Both counties are also located in the rifle zone for the deer hunters who
are looking to hunt with longer range guns.

There are several campgrounds throughout the area, as well as some rustic sites in the NW corner of Gladwin County on
Hoister and Trout Lake. These camp grounds are also located in the Dog Field Trail area, for those who like to train dogs.
Around the lakes there are plenty of foot trails for those who like to go for nature walks.

Most property owners came to this area for the recreational benefits and the scenic terrain the area offers. Both counties
are also an easy drive from the southern Michigan area, making weekend visits a comfortable driving distance to and from
the down state areas.

So, pack your car and come visit these beautiful Northen Mid Michigan Counties!
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